Hometown Heroes: Meet Officer Joe Sherrod




STEPHENVILLE (August 19, 2016)- Officer Joe Sherrod is a familiar face to many students as Stephenville ISD’s school resource officer. Sherrod can be found on any given campus talking to students, visiting with parents and teachers or helping deal with disciplinary actions.

“We have seven campuses, which includes the DAP, which is the alternative campus,” Sherrod said. “So I answer calls for service for all seven campuses and deal with criminal matters there.”

According to the Stephenville police website, as a resource officer, Sherrod “performs three major roles: law enforcement officer, law-related counselor and law-related educator.”


“It is extremely important to have a police presence in our schools,” SISD superintendent Matt Underwood said. “Relationships between the Stephenville Police Department and our students and parents are strengthened with community police presence.”

One of Sherrod’s biggest jobs is dealing with truancy, which is when a student chooses to miss school without a good reason.

“I go all over the county looking for students that are not coming to school,” Sherrod said. “I talk to them and their parents about the legal consequences of not attending school.”

But, for Sherrod, it’s all worth it because he gets to spend time with students every day.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Sherrod said. “That’s a big reward in itself.”

Sherrod began his police career working in corrections at the John R. Lindsey State Jail in Jacksboro, Texas. He then attended the Weatherford College police academy.

“[After grauduating from the police academy] I began as a reserve officer in Runaway Bay in 1999, and I came here to the police department in Stephenville full time in 2000,” Sherrod said. “I’ve been here ever since.”

Sherrod’s wife, Kim Sherrod, works as a paramedic in Fort Worth. He has two children, a 12-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter.

“[The Stephenville Police Department] is a great place to work,” Sherrod said. “We have a wonderful community. People come together in time of need. It’s nice to see that. It’s a friendly little community.”

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