Tarleton’s Continuing Education Courses open for registration


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (September 14, 2016) – While school gets underway for students, Tarleton has a way for Stephenville community members to continue learning as well.  

Tarleton State University’s Center for Outreach and Engagement is offering several different courses for the community this semester, including country western line dancing and wilderness first aid, as well as over 300 online courses.

“We choose our topics based on the expressed interest in the community,” director of the Continuing Education program Dr. Denae Dorris said. “We also pursue things that are of academic interest to our department. Some [classes] are strictly out of interest for us to see what will be picked up by the community and [to bring] a little diversity to the community by providing things that were not here previously.”

Five live classes are still available for registration this semester: country western line dancing, genealogy with a Texas day trip, Chinese language and culture, wilderness first aid and sports first aid and injury prevention.

“We are trying to grow the program,” Dorris said. “I do not think there is a limit on how many [classes] we can provide. We would like to see more, so we are always recruiting instructors.”

One can register for live classes online, by phone or in person. If enough people sign up for the class, registration will remain open until the day before class begins. If not, the course will be rescheduled for the following semester. The department encourages those interested in a class to call and see if registration is still open.

“[Online classes] open each month,” Dorris said. “There are some instructor led courses that begin each month, and then there are career certification courses that people can start on their own at any point. But, they have six to eight weeks to finish those courses.”

Stephenville’s live classes are available for adults 18 years and older unless the course requires a specific age limit. The average class will cost between $25 and $150, though some travel and online courses can be over $1000. These classes will be held on and off-campus.

The Continuing Education program began in 2015 as an outreach to the community. The classes vary in category from hobbies to professional development to travel.

“The university as a whole is committed to using our resources and our knowledge to share the expertise that is here at the university with the community,” Dorris said.

For more information on specific classes, visit the Continuing Education program’s website.

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