PHOTOS: Faith Fest 2016



STEPHENVILLE (October 15, 2016) – Faith Fest 2016 was held at Faith Lutheran Church of Stephenville on Saturday.

Those in attendance got to hear some really good music by the Oompah Band, which is made up of several members of the SHS Yellow Jacket Marching Band.  The German food was delicious, the service was great and there was dancing, too.  There was a lot of old historic items for viewing as well.  

Faith Fest offered “Speise und Unterhaltung Spass fur die ganze Familie” – food and fun for the whole family. When Faith Lutheran Church says “whole family,” it means the entire community is invited to get its fill of German heritage, schnitzel, bratwurst and family games.

Emily Lansmon, director of family life ministries for Faith Lutheran Church, said Faith Fest celebrated its 25th year with emphasis on fellowship and paying homage to the Lutheran Church’s history.

“Faith Fest is a celebration of our German, Norwegian, Swedish and Reformation heritage,” Lansmon said.

The history dates back about 500 years to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, which gave rise to protestant denominations –  Christians who do not identify as Catholics. Luther, a German theologian, was one of the most influential figures in the Reformation movement. He translated the Bible into common language, causing a shift in the relationship between church leaders and followers.


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