Hometown Heroes: Erath County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Hill


Rachel Tuggle

ERATH COUNTY (October 30, 2016) – Erath County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Hill has been a public servant for all of his adult life as an EMT, fireman and law enforcement officer. He has served in Erath County for the past two and a half years and is married to Kaitlyn Hill. The two have a daughter, Anna Hill.

As a sheriff’s deputy, Hill completes all of the police work a person might expect – traffic enforcement, handling emergencies and patrolling.

“But we cover the 1,000 square miles that make up the county, so we are just all over the place,” Hill said.

Hill’s career as a fireman began in 1997 at 18 years old when he joined the fire department in Comanche. After attending college for a couple of years, Hill graduated from the Texas A&M Fire Academy in 1999. He also earned his EMT certification in ’99 and completed his EMT intermediate certification a year later.

“Then, I worked as a professional fireman from 1999 to 2008,” Hill said. “Initially, I got into law enforcement to do fire marshal duties.”

Hill served in Comanche County as a fire marshal and attended the police academy in Tarrant County in 2006. He served as both a fireman and police officer in 2007 and 2008 in Comanche before deciding to focus on law enforcement.

“As soon as I got into the fire service, public service was just so appealing,” Hill said. “Especially in the fire service side, people are always happy to see firemen. Dealing with fire and car wrecks, you can see people at their worst, and the fact you can help them in their moment of crisis – it’s why I became a public servant.”

After working in Comanche, Hill worked in Dublin and then joined the Erath County Sheriff’s Department.

“I like my job,” Hill said with a smile. “You might even say I love it.”

The greatest challenge for him, thought, is having the right answers when people look to him for help.

“Some days we’ve got to be counselors,” Hill said. “Some days we’ve got to be parents. Some days we’ve got to be somebody that will just listen.”

But, the greatest challenge is also the best part of the job for Hill because he loves to help people and make their day better during a crisis.

“If you go to a scene where kids are crying and you can leave with them smiling, it makes your day a little better,” Hill said. “That goes for anyone really.”


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