Amber’s Angels to aid local families


Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (December 12, 2016) – ‘Tis the season to help others, so local charity Amber’s Angels is gearing up for its fifth year of helping local Erath County families. Last year Amber’s Angels aided seven families, and the group is on the lookout for candidates this season.

“We try to keep it local in the Erath County area, but sometimes we have expanded out to the Comanche are,” the group’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of the organization, said.

Amber’s Angels began as “kind of a neighborly thing” and grew from there.

“One year I just decided that my kids had everything they could possibly want,” the leader said. “We basically started out helping families with children, because I knew there were a lot that didn’t have anything.”

They operate from the Amber’s Angels Facebook page, where people can nominate families that need help and also notify the group about wanting to donate.

“I rely on the community to bring donations in,” the leader said. “We’ll put on Facebook that I have a family with x amount of kids, and they are this old and wear this size and these are their wants and needs. Then, people just volunteer to help out.”

While Amber’s Angels does not present families with cash, they accept cash donations to buy whatever the family may need. In the past that has been everything from gifts to groceries.

“Last year, someone needed help with their daycare bill,” the leader said. “Through the donations we got, we were able to go and pay that, and then the school matched it. So we got it completely paid off.”

Amber’s Angels works to stay local when shopping for families in need to keep the money in the community. To donate, go to Amber’s Angels Facebook page here.

“I know Erath County is really generous when it comes to things like this,” the leader said. “I’ve had experience with it. I want to encourage people to nominate local families and give back to the community.”

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