NUMBERS OF NOTE: Area coaches share expected football, volleyball turnouts

Stephenville volleyball head coach Fran Metzger is expecting 70 to 75 Honeybees to report for their first preseason practices Tuesday morning. || The Flash Today file photo


STEPHENVILLE (July 31 ,2o17) — Preseason practices are beginning for area high school volleyball teams Tuesday, with football workouts commencing six days later, on Monday, Aug. 7. On Monday, I asked head coaches at Stephenville, Dublin, Hico and De Leon high schools how many athletes they expect to report. Here’s what they had to say, and if they’re all correct, total numbers at these schools will be 155-165 playing volleyball and 325-345 competing in football.

Stephenville – About 70-75 (Coach Fran Metzger)
Dublin – About 40, which is normal for us (Coach Ryan Lewis)
Hico – Should have 2o, hopefully 25. There were 18-20 pretty steadily at summer games (Coach Brittany Davis)
De leon – I believe about 25 (Coach Hannah Chambers)

Stephenville – Should be right at 160 (Coach Greg Winder)
Dublin – I think we’ll be looking at 80 to 85. If we get more than that, excellent. (Coach Bob Cervetto)
Hico – Between 40-50 (Coach Randy Thornton)
De Leon – Hopefully between 45-50 (Coach David Yeager)



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