Tarleton VP finds passion in supporting students

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STEPHENVILLE (October 8, 2017)– This is the third installment in our fall Tarleton State University Faculty Feature series. Twice a month The Flash Today will introduce a different faculty or staff member to the community. 

Tarleton’s vice president of institutional advancement Dr. Kyle McGregor spends his days working to better Tarleton State University and the lives of its students. He devoted his adult career to working with high school and college students and now impacts his alma mater.

“It’s something I’m very passionate about,” McGregor said. “It makes me feel good to see the wonderful things we are doing at the university.”

McGregor did not begin his career wanting to be a vice president at a university, but he did want to go to Tarleton from a young age. As a freshman, McGregor decided to go to Tarleton after learning that is where his high school agriculture teacher attended.

“My sister ran regional track meets here,” McGregor said. “As a high school ag student, we came here for judging events. I did apply for other universities and got accepted, but I still chose Tarleton.”

At Tarleton, McGregor earned his bachelor’s of science degree in ag education. He then attended Texas Tech University and earned his master’s degree in ag education and his doctoral degree in ag education.

“[After graduating with a master’s degree,] I was hired that summer at a little six-man school called Wellman-Union High School,” McGregor said. “That was my one and only public school teaching job. It was a lot of fun. I made a lot of great friends and had wonderful students.”

A few years later, Tech offered McGregor the position of being the first doctoral candidate in their department of agriculture education communications. While working on his doctoral degree, McGregor was hired at Tarleton as an ag education department.

“From 2002 to 2010 I was teaching in what is now agriculture and consumer sciences,” McGregor said. “In 2010, the president reached out to me and asked me to come work for him as his chief of staff. So, I served as the chief of staff role for just three years. After three years, there was a vacancy in [the vice president of institutional advancement] position, and the president asked me to step into this role.”

As vice president of institutional advancement, McGregor deals with three specific areas — marketing and communications, development and advancement and external relations.

“Outside of those, I will work personally with a lot of community relations,” McGregor said. “The president and I work on legislative affairs. Something a little bit new to the division is business development, which is something new to the university.”

Even though McGregor said he only ever planned on being a high school agriculture teacher, he believes that he moved forward to other jobs because of hard work.

“I have the belief from my grandfather and my mother that, if you work hard and are determined, then people will notice your efforts and you will be rewarded for those,” McGregor said.

People ask McGregor if he misses working with students on the high school and collegiate level, and on one hand, he does. But, McGregor believes that he is able to help more students in the position he is in.

“Now, I have the opportunity to impact every student on Tarleton’s campus and everyone that they will come in contact with,” McGregor said. “We are doing things to support more individuals.”

Besides working with Tarleton students, McGregor and his wife Jennifer McGregor have two students of their own: freshman Maggie McGregor and fifth grader Meg McGregor.

“I have to say a very hearty thank you to president Dottavio for allowing me to serve in the chief of staff role as well as this role because it gives me the opportunity to do more for my alma mater,” McGregor said.


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