Tarleton Professor shares passion for education with future teachers

Rachel Tuggle

STEPHENVILLE (October 29, 2017) – This is the fourth installment in our fall Tarleton State University Faculty Feature series. Twice a month The Flash Today will introduce a different faculty or staff member to the community. 

Tarleton State University professor Jennifer McGregor spends her days teaching future teachers how to teach. As a professor of curriculum and instruction, McGregor lives out her passion for sharing her love of teaching while building community in her classroom.

“I always wanted to be a teacher,” McGregor said. “I played school from the time I can remember. Passing that passion on for teaching and learning and loving your students so that when they are in the field they can do the same thing is my favorite part of the job.”

McGregor earned her bachelor’s of science degree in interdisciplinary studies with her first through eighth grade teacher’s certification and specializations in reading and English from Tarleton State University. There McGregor met her husband, Dr. Kyle McGregor, who is featured in a previous article.

“We both finished our degrees, got married and then we went to Lubbock for [Kyle] to go to graduate school,” McGregor said.

McGregor spent her first year teaching second grade at Jose Ramirez Elementary School in Lubbock then transferred to Seagraves when her husband started teaching in Wellman. In Seagraves, McGregor taught seventh and eighth grade reading, coached seventh grade girls’ basketball and track, seventh and eighth grade girls’ and boys PE and the sixth grade girls’ PE.

“I never went to school to be a coach ever,” McGregor said. “But, it ended up being one of the most pleasurable, fun, rewarding things I have ever done. I loved it so much.”

In 2000, the McGregors moved back to Lubbock. McGregor taught fifth grade at Jose Ramirez while her husband began his doctoral degree. At the same time, McGregor earned her master’s degree in language and literacy at Texas Tech University.

“When [Kyle] was finishing up his degree, my degree was finishing up, and that’s when Tarleton had a job opening,” McGregor said. “We came for the interview, and we were hired. Our jobs started in January 2002. I’ve been here since then.”

Now McGregor teaches content area literacy for future high school teachers, elementary teachers, specialist teachers and everything in between. She also teaches Education 1301, which is an “introduction to the teaching profession.”

“For the first time I am teaching a senior level class for our students that are a semester before clinical teaching,” McGregor said. “It’s a reading class where we pull together everything they’ve learned about how to teach reading. I’ve enjoyed it. I had a lot of them in Reading 3356, so normally I don’t see them again unless I’m their adviser. Now I am seeing them again right before they graduate. I’ve enjoyed that.”

McGregor loves teaching college-age students and building relationships with individual students even though she does not see them on a daily basis.

“They keep you young,” McGregor said.

McGregor balances this job with parenting freshman Maggie McGregor and fifth grader Meg McGregor. When asked how she manages both, McGregor credits three areas: organization, teaching responsibility and a “wonderful village.”

“We all help each other out,” McGregor said. “I love my village.”


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