COLUMN: Wow, Argyle (Mart) is loaded

Guess what? So is Stephenville (De Leon)


What a fun time of year in football.

In the NFL, a couple favorites have risen to the top in both the NFC and AFC.

The College Football Playoff Committee is getting ready to upset half the nation and satisfy the other half. The same would be true if they expanded to eight, or even 16 teams.  I know because it’s the same when they announce the 64-team championship field in basketball. You must draw the line somewhere.

In Texas high school football we are down to 192 UIL teams – 12 divisions with 16 left in each. I honestly don’t even look at other associations, though I do know they are down to two in both TAIAO divisions and it would take a significant upset for Lubbock Home School to knock off Stephenville FAITH Saturday after the Knights scored their first-ever 100-point performance against the same opponent just a few weeks back.

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In the UIL, Stephenville is back, and De Leon is, too.

But you did get the memo about this week, right? The one saying you should just stay home. Ladies, mix up some hot chocolate and grab a delightful book or movie, and fellas, catch a good game on TV or go do whatever it is you do on Friday nights the rest of the year.

Argyle is gonna fly War Eagle style right past your little Yellow Jackets, and ain’t no Mart Panther ever meet a Bearcat he couldn’t drag out behind the woodshed.

You did hear that right?

Because it’s what I’ve heard everywhere I’ve gone since making it back home Friday night.

“Oh no, they’re going to get killed.”

Someone didn’t bother look up De Leon’s victory and just blurted out how Mart has seven shutouts and something about beating them is impossible. It’s five shutouts, which is certainly still impressive, and Mart yields 9.9 points per game.

Let me add the scoring of De Leon’s oppoonents, okay-, now divide by 12 to get the average, and they give up, hmm ,that be right? hep, De Leon gives up 9.

Would you feel better about your Yellow Jackets if I told you they were undefeated, like Argyle?

Well, that, team of Jackets that didn’t have Krece Nowak lost twice way back six straight wins ago.


When have the Jackets lost with Nowak in the backfield? Exactly, 2016. Over and done with. You haven’t heard? Greg Winder has reached an even .500 mark as head coach since then; a pretty significant fact, I believe, and one that escaped most folks last Friday.

The dude started the year 7-15. He’s 17-17. This team with Nowak is 10-0. This team. The one that will play something and 0 (Yes, I know it’s 12) Argyle Friday in Mansfield.

I’m not going draw up some creative multi-point script of reasons the Jackets and Bearcats have a chance this Friday. I know most everyone living outside the Cross Timbers is picking Argyle and Mart. News flash – they were picking Wylie and Crawford, too, yet Stephenville and De Leon won outright district titles.

THIS Yellow Jacket football team is undefeated and has dominated every opponent including a Decatur team still alive in the other regional semifinal.

As for De Leon, I ask this – Has Mart seen a Kevin Yeager at quarterback?

Yes, I’m fully aware De Leon has not seen Mart’s speed. But such questions must be asked of both teams, lest one make a fool of you.

I leave you with this food for thought:

It’s not just Stephenville (De Leon) who must stop Argyle (Mart). Argyle (Mart) must stop Stephenville (De Leon), too.

I’m not stepping out on any limbs, and I certainly respect the accomplishments of Argyle and Mart, as I do Stephenville and De Leon, but on that same note, I also wont just write off a Stephenville team that is unbeaten with its full arsenal and a De Leon team that is undefeated and yet to win by less than 13 points.

I haven’t seen Argyle since catching a few snaps when they faced Wimberley in a championship game years ago? And Mart? Last time I watched the Panthers, they had Quan and Quincy Crosby and were in a championship game against Celina.

Since they made it this far and are picked by most prognosticators win again, I’m assuming Argyle and Mart are ‘perty salty.’

Having seen a lot of Stephenville and De Leon, they dang sure better be.


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