Erath County Treasurer recalls 30 years of service

Erath County Treasurer Donna Kelly

Rachel Tuggle Snyder

ERATH COUNTY (January 1, 2018) – In Dec. 2018, Erath County Treasurer Donna Kelly will retire from 30 years of service to the people of Erath County. A staple of the county government, Kelly has been with Erath through renovations, building projects, and even fire.

“We have had fire, flood and tornado here,” Kelly said. “We have seen it all it seems like. The juvenile probation office was set on fire downstairs. We thought the building was going to burn to the ground. That was pretty scary for a while.”

Kelly attended Tarleton State University and earned a degree in business administration. She worked at Mitchell’s keeping the books before coming to work as an assistant at the county.

“I got to know what county government was about and wanted to see if I could help make it better, provide things for the citizens that they didn’t have at the time,” she said.

As county treasurer, Kelly worked on projects including the building of the courthouse annex and the jail. She helped start the volunteer fire department and build the EMS department.

“Through the process of doing some good investments on the way, we were able to pay off the [jail project] early and save a lot of money doing that,” Kelly said. “Those were things that were important to make sure the citizens outside the city limits had the help that they needed.”

Other responsibilities of Kelly’s include handling the reception of all money that comes into Erath County, dealing with human resources and helping to develop the budget each year.

“It’s not as exciting as some positions,” Kelly said. “There is something new to deal with every day. There is always something going on.”

After retirement, Kelly still hopes to work with the county government on a potentially contractual basis and spend time with her grandchildren.

“I would encourage anybody that wants to have a challenging position, that wants to be able to secure the financial needs for the county and make sure we have the money for the growth that we have coming up [to consider the position],” Kelly said. “I hope somebody comes in that is interested in the community and county government. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.”


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