Retiring Erath County Judge reflects on career


Rachel Tuggle Snyder

ERATH COUNTY (January 1, 2018) – After 24 years of service, Erath County Judge Tab Thompson will retire in December 2018. Thompson has served this county for six terms.

Growing up, Thompson saw his parents involved in elections and campaigns. His father was a delegate to the 1960 Democratic convention in Los Angeles.

“I grew up in a family that was really politically active and civic-minded,” Thompson said. “I just watched [my parents] be involved in the community. So I kind of had it in my blood.”

Thompson earned his degree in agricultural economics from Texas A&M and originally went on to work in the insurance and real estate business. But, he wanted to do more.

Judge Tab Thompson

“I had a desire to serve the public in some capacity,” Thompson said. “So I ran for county judge.”

Thompson serves as the constitutional county judge in Erath County. This responsibility includes serving as the presiding officer of the commissioner’s court, hearing and judging cases, “being involved in all the things that it takes to run the business end of the county” and other duties.

“The county judge is an interesting position in Texas government because he is involved in all three branches of government,” Thompson said. “There is a lot of variety and things that don’t fit in any other office seem to end up here. That’s been interesting.”

Thompson finds the most fulfilling part of his job to be serving the community.

“If we are going to have good government, we have to have good people in office,” Thompson said. “I have worked with lots of good office holders through the years. It’s been good.”


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