What is the East Side Sewer Project?

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STEPHENVILLE (May 9, 2018)– At the April Stephenville City Council meeting, the council voted to issue notices of intent to let the community know that they would be voting on the East Side Sewer Project on June 5. Currently, the East Side Sewer Project is made up of three phases, which total to $16.2 million.

“[The East Side Sewer Project] is a system basin-wide improvement because it affects so much of our existing system,” City of Stephenville Director of Public Works Nick Williams said. “It affects 70 percent of our basins (designated areas of sewage collection).”

Basins affected by East Side Sewer Project

Phase one involves building a new sewage main in order to relieve the load from current lines that are at capacity. According to Williams, phase one will affect everything north of Lingleville Highway including from “Graham Street to golf country all the way down to the new fire station.”

Right now, two 15 inch sewer lines flow into one 21 inch sewer line, which is currently at capacity. This has created a bottleneck in a low area, which has caused the sewage to flood on multiple occasions. Luckily there are drainage services similar to FSDrainage to fix any drainage issues.

“Obviously anytime we have the sewage leave the pipes, it’s a bad thing,” Williams said.

That 21-inch line meets with another sewage line that was recently added to allow for Tarleton State University’s expansion. These two lines then flow into a 30-inch trunk main, which is now at capacity.

“The problem is now this thirty inch main collects everything that is 30 percent of the collection system plus the interior downtown basin six and the expansion here from the university,” Williams said.

The phase one sewer main will run along the east side of the Bosque River, which will also allow for more development and expansion in that area. (Phase one is explained visually in the video below. Click to enlarge to fullscreen.)

“I think the east side sewer is a key to the future of Stephenville,” Williams said. “The development and growth capability is going to be dependent upon the infrastructure that is put in place. This is certainly a key component of that.”

Phase one is listed as the base bid of the East Side Sewer Project while the other two phases are listed as additional alternates. The council will decide which phases to implement.

“For me, it’s not political,” Williams said. “Phase one is an absolute necessity just based upon the volume.”

Phase two will add sewer lines from the east side of the Bosque River to US Hwy 281 and along US Hwy 67 to the Stephenville Clark Regional Airport area.

“It provides service and expansion where there is none currently,” Williams said.

Phase three will add sewage along US Hwy 8 and US Hwy 281. At this time, Creekside Townhomes, which would be affected by phase three, uses a lift station to pump sewage into the 21-inch line that is currently at capacity.

“It opens development along the 281 corridor, both north and south of the Lakewood addition,” Williams said.

The Stephenville City Council will vote on issuing certificates of obligation on June 5. The Texas Water Development Board has agreed to provide a loan with below market rate interest for $17.03 million.

If the council agrees to move forward with the East Side Sewer Project, several more steps, including an environmental review, must be completed before construction can begin.

“[Construction] depends on if they do all phases or a combination of phases,” Williams said. “We are expecting it to take approximately 12 to 18 months based on weather conditions or any environmental issues to be addressed.”

For more information on the East Side Sewer Project, check out the East Side Sewer Project page on the City of Stephenville website.


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