Texans come up just short in tennis twin bill at Sam Houston


HUNTSVILLE – Despite earning their first team points as a Division I program, Tarleton came up just short of their first match win of the season in a doubleheader at Sam Houston State over the weekend.

Tarleton suffered its second straight sweep to open the season with a 5-0 loss to Sam Houston State before battling the Bearkats to a 4-3 loss in the final match of the weekend.

“I am very happy with our matches this weekend,” said Elianne Miron. “Our energy was contagious on all courts and we played to win. Although our first match was competitive, we composed ourselves after the first match and came out on fire in the second. Our competitiveness will set us apart this year.

“It was so fun getting to watch Rose (Watanabe) and Hadley (Jones) make their college debut, she continued. “Hadley handled the pressure great in doubles and played aggressive the entire match. I am excited to see her play in more matches. Rose was impressive. In her college debut, all eyes were on her for the last hour of the match and she played to win. We came up short in the end, but this experience is a big step in our development and will propel us into next week. We are hungry for our first D1 win and every time we step onto the court, the girls are competing as a unit. It’s exciting to watch.”

Tarleton earned its first team point as an NCAA Division I program with a doubles victory in the second match. Mihaela Codreanu and Jemi Aguilar put Tarleton in the driver’s seat with a 6-1 win in the No. 1 spot before Celia Vaudiau and Watanabe put the stamp on the point with a 7-6 (4-0) win in the No. 2 match.

Vaudiau (6-4, 6-4) and Martha Makantasi (7-5, 6-2) won the first singles points of Tarleton’s Division I era with wins in the No. 5 and 3 flights, respectively.

The complete results from Match One are as follows:

1. Sahaja Yamalapalli/Isidora Zivkovic (SHSU) def. Mihaela Codreanu/Jemi Aguilar (TAR) 6-1
2. Constandena Nicolau/Andrijana Brkic (SHSU) def. Martha Makantasi/Elsa Boisson (TAR) 6-1
3. Petra Kaszas/Sahithi Vutukuru (SHSU) vs. Celia Vaudiau/Rose Watanabe (TAR) 4-3, unfinished

1. Sahaja Yamalapalli (SHSU) def. Mihaela Codreanu (TAR) 6-1, 6-1
2. Isidora Zivkovic (SHSU) def. Jemi Aguilar (TAR) 6-1, 6-4
3. Karla Montalvo (SHSU) def. Martha Makantasi (TAR) 7-5, 6-1
4. Constandena Nicolau (SHSU) def. Elsa Boisson (TAR) 6-3, 6-2
5. Andrijana Brkic (SHSU) vs. Celia Vaudiau (TAR) 7-5, 2-0, unfinished
6. Sahithi Vutukuru (SHSU) vs. Rose Watanabe (TAR) 7-6, unfinished

The complete results from Match Two are as follows:

1. Mihaela Codreanu/Jemi Aguilar (TAR) def. Sahaja Yamalapalli/Isidora Zivkovic (SHSU) 6-1
2. Celia Vaudiau/Rose Watanabe(TAR) def. Constandena Nicolau/Andrijana Brkic (SHSU) 7-6 (4-0)
3. Karla Montalvo/Petra Kaszas (SHSU) def. Faustine Palatte/Hadley Jones (TAR) 7-6 (1-0)

1. Sahaja Yamalapalli (SHSU) def. Mihaela Codreanu (TAR) 6-1, 6-1
2. Isidora Zivkovic (SHSU) def. Jemi Aguilar (TAR) 7-5, 6-2
3. Martha Makantasi (TAR) def. Karla Montalvo (SHSU) 7-5, 6-2
4. Constandena Nicolau (SHSU) def. Elsa Boisson (TAR) 6-3, 6-1
5. Celia Vaudiau (TAR) def. Andrijana Brkic (SHSU) 6-4, 6-4
6. Sahithi Vutukuru (SHSU) def. Rose Watanabe (TAR) 6-4, 5-7, 6-2

Tarleton will return to action in search of their first win as a Division I program on Saturday at 11 a.m. against Lamar in Edinburg.


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