Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Mr. McDanel suggests I have a lack of knowledge regarding my criticism of the council authorizing expenditures on studies, outside consultants, and the use of consultants for design and development plans…. It’s a matter of semantics. Is McDanel referring to the $34,000 worth of studies we financed to study the feasibility and design of a multi-purpose center on land we didn’t own? Or is he referring to the $75,000 thoroughfare study that gave us a loop no one wanted and we had no way of paying for? Or is he referring to the $29,000 staffing study that was suppose to be done on efficiency but ended up being a way for every department to justify adding an administrative assistant? Or is he referring to the $701,000 design plan for sewer system repairs/construction. When will we see a benefit from that $701,000 expenditure when we have no idea how we are going to finance the estimated $10 to $20 million dollar repair/construction of the sewer system? Shouldn’t we have determined where the money for the sewer project was going to come from BEFORE we spent $701,000 designing it? One council member suggested we roll the $701,000 into a sewer project bond issue to present to voters. Mr. McDanel voiced his opposition to that indicating we shouldn’t leave something as important as a sewer project to the whims of voters. Always putting the cart before the horse is not responsible economic planning.

Thank you,

Carla Trussell
Stephenville Council Candidate Place 2

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