Letters to the Editor

To Letters to the Editor,

I remember a time when “Democrat” wasn’t a dirty word. A time when, even in the South, we didn’t have to admit to being a Democrat in hushed whispers.

I remember a time when we weren’t afraid to openly call ourselves Democrats, a time before the other side painted us as something we’re not.

I remember listening to Alabama’s country music hit, “Song of the South,” where it says it proudly. “Daddy was a veteran, a Southern Democrat. They ought to get a rich man to vote like that.”

I remember a time when being from the South meant that you had compassion, that you opened your doors and your arms to the stranger who needed help, a trait that the Democratic Party still exemplifies.

The letter in last week’s Hood County News filled me with renewed hope. I am optimistic that the time has come again.

It’s time for compassion to become the Song of the South once more.

Steve Green

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