Brown, Comanche and Erath County voters call for Nov. Annexation Election

Ranger College Trustees accept more than 3,200 verified petition signatures

By Ryan Ronan
Ranger College Public Information Officer

RANGER (August 9, 2017) – Following the legal advice from former the former General Counsel for the Texas Secretary of State, Trey Trainor, the Ranger College Board of Trustees orders annexation elections to be held in Brown, Comanche and Erath Counties during the November 7th General Election.

“To the members of the Board of Trustees, you have been presented with petitions signed by voters calling for an election.  The Right of the voters to petition their government is such an important fundamental right, our Founding Fathers ensconced that Right as a part of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.  State law requires that voters sign a petition calling for an election to join the Ranger College District. Each County had their own petition and only signatures of registered voters in that County could be counted to call the election.  After careful review of every submitted signature, there are well in excess of the number required in order to call the election in each County,” said Trainor.

State law required the signatures of at least 5 percent of the total number of County registered voters in order to call the election.  The number of signatures verified exceeded the number required by State law from 12 percent more than needed in Erath County to 30 percent more than required in Brown County.  More than 535 voters signed the petition in Comanche County, 24 percent more than required by law.

The following is the breakdown of the petitions submitted and the number required.


%5 of RV



% Over
















Trainor is with the law from of Akerman LLC.  He is a former General Counsel of the Texas Secretary of State.  He was also responsible for overseeing the signature ballot verification for Carole Keeton Rylander’s independent run for Governor under Secretary of State, Roger Williams.  He recently served in President Donald Trump’s Administration, serving under Secretary of Defense James Mattis as well as the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign and the Republican National Committee.  He was hired by Ranger College to oversee the petition verification process.


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