Tarleton Staff Council Presents 25th Annual Holiday Showcase


TARLETON STATE (November 28, 2018) – The Tarleton State University Staff Council is presenting their 25th Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Showcase to support local businesses and artisans. The showcase will be on Dec. 7 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Recreational Sports Center on the Stephenville campus.

According to the Tarleton press release, the showcase is a premier shopping event featuring unique items from vendors across the state. The event is free to the public, and proceeds from vendor fees support the employee scholarships and grants program.

Desa Rowe, the coordinator of the event, said that the showcase will have all types of vendors.

“We have a lot of handmade crafts, people who make signs, people who make ornaments, woodworking stuff, handmade soaps, then we have boutique-type vendors, who come and have clothing bags, jewelry, shoes, pretty much anything you would see in your typical online boutique or even a small storefront,” Rowe said.

Shoppers can also expect to see writers who are selling their books and artists who are selling their own pieces of artwork. Some vendors are also bringing gender-neutral gifts like seat cushions and massagers that were really popular last year.

“We have a lot of vendors that have been coming to our show for almost 20 years or more. This will be the 25th year of the show so we have a lot of vendors that always come to the show and enjoy doing it and a lot of community members that want to come just to experience it cause we don’t have a lot of opportunity for that in the Stephenville area,” Rowe said. “We have several direct sales companies, everything from makeup to jewelry to children’s books. It’s definitely a little bit of everything and that’s kind of what I like to see at a show from a vendor perspective and from a customer perspective. It’s good to have a nice mix.”

Rowe emphasized that the showcase is the only fundraiser for the Staff Council Employee Scholarship.

“We have given out thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of the years that this show has been going on. It benefits any staff member that’s full-time. Over 50 percent of employees with Tarleton are eligible to apply for a scholarship as a student and also our Professional Development Scholarship so this helps our staff members go to trainings, it helps our staff members continue their education at Tarleton and it promotes our own core values here at Tarleton and ensures that our employees get to experience education at its finest,” Rowe said.

Rowe encourages people to attend the showcase because it gives the community an opportunity to support local vendors.

“A lot of these people are your family, friends, neighbors and community members who are just trying to be an independent entrepreneur and bring something unique to the community so giving back to them and shopping local is kind of a keyword these days. Being supportive of our friends and family and neighbors by coming to the event and showing them some love [is really great],” said Rowe.

“You might find something that is truly genuine,” Rowe added.

Guest parking will be available in Lot P20 at Memorial Stadium with shuttle service to the Recreational Sports Center on Rome Street.

For vendor and event information, contact Desa Rowe at rowe@tarleton.edu.


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