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Stephenville community comes out in support of Faith School



STEPHENVILLE (March 28, 2015) — The Stephenville community came out in force Saturday to help the Faith Lutheran School and fill up on infamously delicious burgers. Faith Burgers.

“We come to the Faith School fundraiser for the burgers, but I like to shop while we wait,” said Sandra Burns, who brought her three kids and husband.

The wait wasn’t long, but nothing was cooked before it was ordered to ensure the freshness of the each burger, officials said. More than 120 burgers were served over a few hours Saturday and approximately $9,000 was raised for the students.


“It’s a wonderful thing to see everyone come out in support of the school and the kids here,” said executive director of Faith School, Magan Carrasco, who manned the grill for almost the entire event. “I love feeding people. It warms my heart.”

Though, feeding people isn’t the only thing that warms Carrasco’s heart. She said seeing the community support the students and the school does, too. And there were many. But the school and Carrasco want to especially thank Dr. Bill Evans and his staff at Cross Timbers Orthopeadics.

“Dr. Evans and his staff have always supported the Faith School,” Carrasco said. “Dr. Evans always goes above and beyond to help us out. And Cheryl Hatton is one of our founding parents here at Faith School and she makes sure to help out, as well.”


Carrasco said other local businesses, like HEB and Wal-Mart, always make sure to do whatever they can to help she and her staff get what they need to pull off the annual fundraiser. She added that the school couldn’t hold the event without the Faith School parents who go above and beyond to help. This year they made sure there were plenty of drinks and chips to go with the burgers.

Every year, following the event, the school’s officials will decide how best to spend the money. Last year, Faith School’s younger children got their own playground – the toddler play yard. It was a project dear to the heart of Faith School employee, the late Courtney Eakins.

“The most money ever raised was under Courtney’s leadership,” Carrasco said. “Now children under two have their own playground.”

Carrasco said the school’s enrollment has grown drastically and officials are looking at the possibility of growth for the campus itself in the coming years. However, she concluded, officials have yet to make a decision on where the money will be spent, but expressed heart-felt gratefulness for everyone’s support for the school, school administration and staff, as well as the students who attend Faith School.

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