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Guardian Exteriors provides free new roof for historic New Bethel Church


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STEPHENVILLE — Everyone needs a guardian, a phrase that to Guardian Exteriors, is much more than a company slogan.

It means much more to New Bethel Church, too.

Beginning in late April and continuing through much of May, hail, rain and high winds pummeled Stephenville, causing millions of dollars in damage within the city limits alone. Thousands of that was suffered by New Bethel Church, a near century old establishment woven deep into the fabric of the community.

As one storm piled upon another, the decades old roof at New Bethel, on East Frey Street, finally succumbed to Mother Nature. No longer could the church wait, a new roof was an absolute necessity to continue meeting in the church building on land once donated by the Frey family itself. If you live in a residential property and need a new roof, there are plenty of options for you too. Contact a residential roofing austin company to give you help and advice on your roof.

That’s where Guardian Exteriors came in. Already hard at work as establishing its presence in Stephenville, Guardian saw the opportunity to give back to the community and didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.


“We didn’t know this was going to happen,” said Stephenville resident Dorothy Edwards, who has attended New Bethel for 50 years, in an interview conducted by WFAA-TV (see WFAA special here). “It never would have gotten done.”

When the sun came out, Guardian manager Pius Coles didn’t send his team to the first large commercial job or even to a residential roof with a signed insurance check just waiting to be cashed. No, he sent them first to New Bethel Church, and within two days, the church had a new roof valued at about $12,000.

But the church won’t pay a penny. Guardian provided the roof totally free of charge.

“The rain was just beating down on this thing, water was getting inside,” said Coles. “It makes us feel good to give back.”


There is plenty of roof work to go around, and Guardian will certainly do its fair share, but it put the needs of its new community first.

“The money is not an issue,” said Brian Marshall, project manager for Guardian, as the work crew and managers joined church members for a lunch cookout at the church once the roofing was complete. “I don’t think they understand we appreciate them as much as they appreciate us.”

For a long-time New Bethel member like Edwards, the new roof is an answered prayer.

“I tell you I’m just so thankful for it,” said Edwards.



Photos by RUSSELL HUFFMAN/TheFlashToday.com

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  1. I’m not surprised to hear about an act of kindness like this from Guardian…the Owner, Ryan Roberts and GM Pius Coles and the entire Guardian team are a great bunch. Kudos to you all, both for helping your community and for showing the world that there are good, honest, caring people in the construction/storm restoration business!

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