Travelstead faces additional charge, $50K in total bond amount

Convicted sex offender may also be suspect in vandalism at Hook Elementary School

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Stephenville was vandalized overnight Sunday, and the suspect, Jeffrey Dale Travelstead, now faces additional charges.


STEPHENVILLE (June 23, 2015) — The troubled life of Jeffrey Dale Travelstead goes back well before he allegedly vandalized St. Luke’s Episcopal Church overnight Sunday.

Travelstead, 27, is charged with criminal mischief more than $20,000 but less than $100,000 for allegedly damaging a stained glass window, the Baptism fount, crucifixes, brass candleholders, the tabernacle, wall art and more at St. Luke’s, located on McIlhaney Street just east of the Tarleton State University campus.

But that isn’t the only charge faced by Travelstead, whose past, it appears, has come back to haunt him. In addition to a $30,000 bond for the alleged criminal mischief, he is also being charged with failing to meet registration requirements as a convicted felony sex offender, warranting another $20,000 bond.

Jeffrey Dale Travelstead
Jeffrey Dale Travelstead

As of 7 p.m. Tuesday, Travelstead was still incarcerated in Erath County Jail.

Travelstead was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and burglary of a vehicle in 2006 and for possession of a dangerous drug, forgery of a government instrument and driving under the influence in 2005. He was arrested twice last month for public intoxication.

Travelstead may also be a suspect in another act of vandalism Sunday night at Hook Elementary School. Stephenville superintendent Matt Underwood confirmed the vandalism by text message Tuesday, saying curtains were torn down, scratches were found on the stage and steps were damaged.



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