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by Tommy Wells, Public Information Officer for Ranger College

Ranger College is partnering with Upswing, an online tutoring platform that gives students access to online tutors at any time. Upswing will play a role in Ranger College’s mission to provide students in the area with the opportunity to develop academic and workforce excellence.

“This is a great resource for students to use,” said Ranger College Upswing Coordinator Sarah Orsini. “It’s another tool we now have to help everyone have a successful experience at Ranger.”

The new partnership offers students at Ranger College, and its satellite campuses in Brownwood, Stephenville, Olney and Comanche, a way to schedule tutoring session with a coach from wherever they are, at any time. Upswing will provide students access to 24/7 academic support through its online tutoring platform. Students are able to schedule an online or in-person tutoring session with one of Ranger College’s academic coaches or they can connect with Upswing’s network of coaches, who provide academic support at times when the college’s tutors may be unavailable, this lets them connect with other services tutoring in Orlando where the tutors may have a better style of tutoring for specific students!

The partnership with Upswing will allow Ranger College to continue to serve Ranger and the surrounding area, but now students will be able to get help with classes at times that work the best for their schedule. Through UConnect, Upswing is able to connect students with Ranger College’s on-campus coaches so they can schedule online or offline sessions with coaches that work at their school. This is especially beneficial for Ranger College’s remote campuses, since students aren’t always able to commute to the main campus for tutoring. Like Ranger College’s mission to give students better learning opportunities, Upswing is dedicated to increasing student understanding of classroom material.

Students will be given access to Upswing starting in Fall 2015 at no cost. Upswing will be working with Ranger College to ensure when the Fall comes around, students will be able to log in to the platform and access not only Upswing tutors, but also Ranger College tutors.

Orsini said students interested in the Upswing program should enroll early.

“I would suggest students do it quickly, maybe in the first week of the semester to get ahead of the game,” she said.

For more information about Upswing contact Orsini at (254) 647-3432 or via e-mail at sorsini@rangercollege.edu. Her office can be found in the Golemon Library building.

Ranger College begin the Fall semester on Aug. 24.

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