Rescue Corner: Cecil the Lion

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Well this is not what my column was going to be about today but….here we are.

I am a huge animal advocate….I fight daily to save pitbulls, the most sensationalized breed in the world. Personally, I can find much better ways to spend the very small amount of money I have than to go overseas and kill animals for sport. I am still and always will be a country girl raised in a family that hunts legally and eats what we hunt just like we eat chicken, beef, and pork. Controlled big games hunts feed villages in Africa that rarely have money for even the simplest daily conveniences that we here in the U.S. take for granted. The Dentist was wrong because it was an Illegal hunt and while this particular situation saddens me. THIS is not right here where I can make a difference.

If you are outraged then do something productive we kill anywhere from 5,000-11,000 companion animals every single day in U.S. shelters for space!!! Get outraged by that!!! Pick your battles and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE go volunteer at your shelters and rescues!!! You can’t change Cecil’s fate but you can change the fate of animals right here in your own back yard! Our local shelters are full and more animals come in every day so be outraged because they will die for space and help us change what we can right here at home!

Jennifer Buck-Aikman
Jennifer Buck-Aikman

Social media is my largest ally and the bane of my existence at the same time. Now the world has the ability to complain and be outraged and never have to leave their couch. I can’t change the world and to sit and sign petitions, make death threats, and complain on the internet about something that is quite literally a world away from us is counterproductive! Cecil’s fate has been sealed and laws were broken so now let those that enforce laws handle the dentist. Right here in Erath, Hamilton, and Comanche Counties our little shelters are full…..our little rescues are full….yet I see litters of puppies on the buy sell trade sites daily.

When I go on my rants they usually make some people mad and I’m sure what I am about to say will set fire under some of you. If you aren’t actively trying to help the very real crisis that is going on right here in your own back yard then how are you any better than the dentist that took his life?
Some can say they had no idea that we kill thousands of healthy animals in the U.S. every day just to make room for more…but if you’re reading this then you can no longer claim ignorance. Right now as I type this there are dogs and cats laying on cold metal tables, tied down, muzzled, terrified, and a shelter worker is delivering the serum to take them from this world their only crime…they were born.

Are you mad? Are you crying? GOOD!!! Now take that and use it! Help us save them! Most won’t, it’s easier to sit behind a screen and be outraged than it is to put in the work. To those that take this to heart and decide to help in any way they are capable…
Welcome to my world….you will lose your mind but you will find your soul…
To those that choose to sit there and do nothing….well in my eyes…the only difference between you and the man that killed Cecil is that he shot the bow and the gun to take that lions life. You just sat behind your computer and turned a blind eye to death of thousands.

Jennifer Buck-Aikman is the Founder and President of Angels & Outlaws Second Chance Bully Ranch here in Erath County. She is a member of the SHS Class of 1996 and a lifelong member of the community. She believes that to truly Rescue means to work together no boundaries, no drama, just saving lives! To further discuss Rescue Corner, email her at

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