Q&A: Jackets prepare for new season with new head coach


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STEPHENVILLE (October 25, 2015) — During football season there is basketball off-season. As SHS’s football team is scoring touchdowns the off-season basketball troop is getting ready to score baskets this season, led by head basketball coach Bill Brooks,and assistant coaches Jacob Daleidon and Casey Hamilton. I asked Coach Brooks a few questions about his opinion toward this year’s season and its players.

Jarrett Kitchens – “What’s your goal for this year’s season?”

Coach Brooks -“Well, like this year and every year it’s to be district champs.”

JK – “Where do you find most of your skill this season? At the top of the key or near the post?”

CB – “ I think we have good overall skill level athletes at both sides.”

JK – “What can be improved?”

CB – “ Fundamentals can always be improved. Shooting, passing, dribbling.”

Some things to put in your calendar are Wednesday, October 28th which is their first official practice. Along with their first game, which is a week before Thanksgiving (exact date still to be determined).



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