Lions Club offers free eye screenings to children

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Stephenville Lions Club members Charlie Dawkins and Michael Prather went to Central Elementary Thursday morning to conduct vision screenings. Each student tested was sent home with a consent form that their parents signed, giving permission for their child to participate in the screenings.

The eye test provides instant photographs of the child’s eyes to determine the presence of eye disorders including far and near sightedness and astigmatism.

“If the results are abnormal, we will refer the child to a local eye doctor. If the family cannot pay for the visit or glasses for the child, the Club will be notified and help with the costs,” Prather said.

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The camera that Lions Club uses is capable of detecting vision problems in young children before they have developed the reading skills to use standard eye charts.

“We had a boy recieve glasses last year, and he still has them,” nurse Jody Fain said.

In addition to the SISD school district, Lions Club offers the eye screenings to children in Dublin and other surrounding districts. Every eye screening is done at no cost to child’s family or school district.

If you know of a school, public or private, home school association, daycare center, or any other institution dealing with young children which would like to take advantage of this completely free service, please go to for more information.


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