A Letter from Stephenville City Councilman Jerry Warren

This letter to the editor was sent in by Stephenville City Council member Jerry Warren. It was also featured in his latest “Show and Tell” piece in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.
I voted against the $10,000 funding for Ranger College to conduct a training program for potential employees for local manufacturers. Anybody join me in voting “no”? Negativo, nyet,  nein, nunca,  nixie and no way, Jose. Does that make me think I voted incorrectly? Same answer as to the last question.  Short version—tax payer funding for  training personnel for nonexistent jobs. The price of oil has dropped from 110 to around 45 dollars per barrel since June of last year and FMC has cut their workforce by how much—1/3rd?   We have a great SEDA board, but on this particular matter it seems like money and efforts should go toward bringing employers to town.

The time period covered by the BMY procedure-budget study was tailored to fit the Judy Miller-Tom Heap on the job time with the intent to further discredit them and justify their firing. Sherry Zackery made the motion to expand the BMY report to include the 11 months prior to the present study in order to have comparative information. Councilmen McDanel and Nix were vocal and adamant in opposition to the motion but were joined only by McClinton when the vote was taken by roll call. Should be interesting.

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