Tarleton renovates Texan Iron Weight Room

Tarleton assistant athletic director for athletic performance Rod Cole poses in the renovated Texan Iron Weight Room in the west end of Wisdom Gym. || Courtesy NATE BURAL/Tarleton Athletics



STEPHENVILLE – During the semester break, Tarleton’s Texan Iron Weight Room underwent renovation to maximize its current space inside Wisdom Gym.

“As Coach (Lonn) Reisman and I discussed this upgrade, we agreed that we needed to create a facility that maximizes every square foot of our space and this new renovation gives us an edge in the training of our student-athletes,” said Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance Rod Cole. “Any recruit that comes to our facility or sees it online will definitely see that we have a great setup featuring some aspects, such as the Perform-X Band System, that you don’t see in very many places.



“The new layout of our facility will allow us to train more student-athletes in a more efficient manner with an entire weight-room session taking place at one rack,” he continued. “No longer will we have to rotate around the room to complete a workout. It is a blessing that Tarleton State University’s administration values college athletics enough to provide the best for our young people in terms of a fine facility, such as this, in which they can train.”

The renovation provides 16 Power Lift Racks with in-laid platforms on the floor of the facility that features the Perform-X Band System for band-resisted jump and quickness training, as well as added variable resistance to conventional weight training exercises. Each of the new racks are fully loaded with a complete maple wood center in-laid platforms with the band system, Uesaka Bumper Plates, and Iron Grip Plates, a step-up/squat box, land-mine rotational device, medicine ball, and Dyna-Disc for ankle strengthening.

The facility was also fitted with Regupol rubber flooring throughout the room, with the Tarleton “T” logo at each entrance, as well as dense “crash pads” at each platform, and two in-laid quick foot ladders.

Rod Cole, who is in his 25th year as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, is in his seventh season with Tarleton Athletics. For a video tour with Cole, click on the video associated with this story or visit youtube.com/TarletonSID.


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