New meal program for veterans

Local Meals on Wheels to start Honor Veterans Now program



Honor Veterans Now (HVN) and Meals on Wheels of Erath County (MOWEC) are joining forces to bring a new home-delivered meal program to local home-bound veterans, regardless of age. HVN works to eliminate hunger in military veterans’ lives while preserving their privacy, dignity, and pride.

A small number of veterans lack adequate resources, and sometimes the ability, to earn enough to pay for the necessities of life.  Some of these vets served in World War II or the Korea War, but others are younger men and women involved in more recent Mid-East conflicts. But, they are reluctant to ask for charity, even as they struggle to exist on modest pensions.   

MOWEC Executive Director Whitney Lee said they are looking forward to reaching more local veterans.

“We, as an organization, have always tried to do what we can for local vets,” Lee said. “But the younger folks can sometimes fall through the cracks because of the way federal funding is set up. I’m excited to be working with HVN.”


Veterans who are retired or disabled receive benefits from the government based on the circumstances of their service, but many other vets are not eligible for those benefits.  This is where HVN steps in to provide meals to needy veterans on a temporary or on-going basis.  The primary objective is to provide nutritious meals to qualified vets under the age of 60 who honorably served our country, for as long as the need exists.

Texas counties are served by state Veterans Commission Representatives (CVSO) who work with veterans and assist them in obtaining their applicable benefits.  HVN works with CVSOs and local meals on wheels organizations like MOWEC to provide nourishing, balanced meals.   

It is not simply an act of kindness to help these veterans:  It’s an honor.

For more information about MOWEC and the HVN program, call (254) 965-3510, or visit

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