A letter regarding the Stephenville City Council race


Dear Editor,

Carla Stacy Trussell, and I go way back to elementary school. She was a teacher in Huckabay when I was in elementary school there. Carla has always advocated for the least among us, and taken a stand for what she believes is moral, ethical and right. Carla is very knowledgeable in the working of the Stephenville City Council.

Is Carla vocal? Does she get folks emotions going? Absolutely. As a leader if you’re not doing that, then you have no business being a leader.

Why does Carla want to be a Stephenville City Council Member? There’s not one answer, but a multitude of answers. She’s advocating for fiscal responsibility, reasonable, logical and common sense being utilized when spending thousands of dollars “on study after study.”

Carla is also advocating changes in the manner in which the city council conducts its business. For example, going forward with projects that the residents of Stephenville were opposed to for financial and sensible reasons is not responsible government. And it’s sure not indicative of a government “listening to the people.”

If we want our city to operate more efficiently, to keep our taxes and utilities at bay, to stop rampant and irresponsible spending, then we need Carla on that city council. She has our votes.

Carla, thank you for taking a stand for so many of us.

May the vote tally be in your favor,

Cipriano Rivera

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