Dublin Council talks taxes, saving lives and a new roof

Former council member Bobby Mendez resigned from the Dublin City Council after being appointed interim Dublin Police Chief. || Jessie Horton photo


DUBLIN (August 8, 2016) – The Dublin City Hall still doesn’t have a roof.

Months after the last storm has passed, over a year (some would argue it’s closer to two) since the roof was ripped from the building that houses city hall, the police station and the fire department in Dublin and yet the engineering and construction crews working on the city facilities have yet to complete the city’s busiest building.

“It’s been over a year since we’ve held meetings or regular business in there,” said council member Darrell Curry. “It’s ridiculous.”

He isn’t the only one who thinks so. City Administrator Nancy Wooldridge has been working with the city’s insurer – the Texas Municipal League (TML), and has the same opinion of the situation.

“When most recent storm came through, they had just put a new roof on from the previous storm, which wasn’t completely secured and was peeled back like a can,” she said of previous work. “And we understand weather is unpredictable, but at this point we just need something done because we’ve been out of our building far too long.”

While the council agrees work needs to continue, they again went out for bids on another roof during the last month’s meeting, getting two bids back instead of the one from the last bid process. The council again needed more time to consider their options and voted to table the measure until the next meeting, which will be Monday, August 15, to discuss the budget.

In other business, the council honored a number of EMS and police personnel for saving the lives of fellow residents. Interim EMS Director Aaron Hoodie recommended the award for first responders who have used CPR to save a life within the last year.

Council members also discussed the potential new tax rate for 2017. According to City Secretary Rhonda Williams, the county tax appraiser’s report indicates the values for homes in the city of Dublin have increased again this year, going up nearly $1 million from last year’s values. Williams told council members this means the city would see a large increase without actually raising residents tax rate. The item was discussion only and will be adopted with the budget at the Sept. 12 meeting.

Other recommendations included a motion to waive the fee for garage sales during the City Wide Yard Sale for the annual Fall Fiesta Celebration in September; tabling the motion to accept Darrell Curry’s (who is moving to the country) letter of resignation; a new charge for construction on lots within the city limits and selecting a new representative for the city of Dublin on the Erath County Appraisal District Board to replace representative Miles Gilman, who has yet to attend a single meeting since he agreed to the appointment.

Before adjournment, the council discussed Interim EMS Director Aaron Hoodie, who has been assisting the EMS in Dublin for a few months. Hoodie has implemented changes that have had great success in the department and with his recommendation from Police Chief Michael Jennings, Hoodie received a unanimous vote to be made permanent director for the Dublin EMS. Hoodie also works for Stephenville Fire Department.

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