Tarleton launches new ePortfolio network to help students get hired


STEPHENVILLE (August 12, 2016) — Portfolium, a new cloud-based tool designed to help users go beyond the limits of the traditional resume to create a digital portfolio goes live at Tarleton State University Thursday, Aug. 18.

All students, campus wide, will gain access to Portfolium free through an exclusive network set up for Tarleton. The network allows users to create a digital portfolio of academic and professional accomplishments, including projects, presentations and papers. The interface highlights talents and achievements, and showcases individual work in a collaborative environment that connects students directly to companies, recruiters, internships and jobs.

“We are excited to partner with Portfolium to provide students with an ePortfolio solution to document their academic achievement and skill set for employers,” said Dr. Kelly Shaffer, director of Tarleton’s Center for Instructional Innovation. “Portfolium enables students to demonstrate skills in digital form, something that is increasingly critical in the modern age. This is another example of equipping our students with the tools necessary to be productive in their careers, and it affirms that Tarleton is the premier student-focused university in Texas and beyond.”

Portfolium replaces Chalk & Wire, and plans call for future rollout of an alumni component.

To access the network, visit http://portfolios.tarleton.edu.

According to the developers of Portfolium, employers have direct access to ePortfolios through a powerful search engine and matching algorithm that streamlines campus-recruiting efforts. Portfolium also aligns the efforts of stakeholders across the university, including faculty, administrators and Tarleton’s Career Services team.

“Potential employers want to see evidence of specific skills and competencies beyond listings on a resume, and Portfolium makes that a reality,” explained Dr. Diane Taylor, associate vice president for Curriculum, Assessment and Faculty Affairs.

Users can browse galleries to discover great talent across all fields of study, search portfolios and connect with other students and alumni, utilize filters by field of study and other criteria, and find friends and classmates by name or school.

Portfolium helps students connect with more than 40,000 recruiters, and apply directly to job openings with Disney, Nike, Google, NBC, Apple and more. For a full list of companies, visit https://portfolium.com/companies.

“We at Portfolium believe that students have more to show than the traditional resume which does not fully capture their abilities and achievements. Portfolium will enable employers to match evidence of the skills attained in the class and co-curriculars to the job requirements. We are excited to be providing campus-wide access to Tarleton State students, alumni, faculty, and employers,” Troy Markowitz, Vice President of University Development, Portfolium.

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