Tarleton scrambles to correct move-in debacle

'Deplorable' residence hall conditions found on Wednesday corrected by Thursday

A dirty restroom was just one of the concerns Hannah Beam had when moving into Bosque Crossing apartments at Tarleton State Wednesday. By Thursday, however, the university's housing department had corrected the problems at two affected apartments. || Courtesy HANNAH BEAM Facebook page


STEPHENVILLE (August 25, 2016) — Move-in for a group of Tarleton State University students was a door opened to disappointment Wednesday.

The issue went viral when one of the students greeted by “deplorable” living conditions posted photos of her temporary housing debacle on Facebook. The post incited hundreds of shares and comments of disgust from fellow students and Tarleton alumni.

Hannah Beam, an interdisciplinary studies major, shared photos depicting a refrigerator containing spoiled food, stained and tattered carpet, vinyl flooring that was peeling off the floor, dirty linens and a bathroom that had apparently not been cleaned in some time.


“So the dorm I signed up for isn’t ready…,” a message accompanying the photos said. “My $800 a month dorm… Tarleton places me in this temporary apartment for the semester?! Yeah I’m gonna (sic) say a hard no for the rotten food and leftover clothes we walked into this morning.”

Beam’s assigned unit was located in the Bosque Crossing apartment complex, which is not owned or operated by the university.

Harry Battson, assistant vice president of marketing and communications, said 340 Tarleton students were moved into the complex since Traditions North, a new residence hall currently under construction, wouldn’t be ready at the start of the fall semester.

“Those students were notified over the summer,” Battson said, explaining the issue affecting Beam and other students. “Two apartments (eight students) were affected by rooms that were not appropriately cleaned prior to move-in. Some units that had been vacant for a period of time needed some additional light cleaning.” 

University officials quickly responded to the issues, dispatching housekeeping to mop up the mess and remain on-site in the case of additional concerns. Battson said housing officials had inspected the property prior to move-in and told the “contractor” additional cleaning was necessary.

Tarleton student Hannah Beam was surprised to find old and spoiled food inside the refrigerator of her temporary residence at Bosque Crossing Wednesday. || Courtesy HANNAH BEAM Facebook page
Tarleton student Hannah Beam was surprised to find old and spoiled food inside the refrigerator of her temporary residence at Bosque Crossing Wednesday. || Courtesy HANNAH BEAM Facebook page

Meanwhile, the university said while students were billed for an on-campus experience that included being the inaugural residents at Traditions North, their bills were adjusted.

“They are paying the rate that students in those apartments last year paid,” Battson said. “The bills show the rate for Traditions North, with a discount underneath to show the actual rate.”

Despite the temporary disgust and displeasure experienced by some students, the major undertaking of move-in has been a success. 

“With the opening of a new residence hall, an expanded and renovated residence hall, and a total of nearly 4,000 students moving into on-campus housing, our Residential Living and Learning staff and the hundreds of volunteers who assist with Move-In have done a fantastic job,” Battson said. “Tarleton’s priority has been to prepare for every student. Delays, largely caused by weather factors, resulted in having to adjust plans and, in a couple of situations, the results have not been what we would have wished. We regret any inconvenience and will work with every student to address their needs as quickly as possible.”

And Beam’s needs were indeed quickly addressed.

“It was fixed and I’m really happy with how it turned out!” she posted on Facebook Thursday morning.


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