Huston Academy hosts Christmas store for students



STEPHENVILLE (December 16, 2016) – Huston Academy has been using a point system with a focus on building positive social skills to help students be more successful. There are a 132 social skills to choose from, including: following directions, staying on task, disagreeing appropriately, accepting no for an answer, making an apology, volunteering, giving/accepting a compliment.

All day the students have a opportunity to earn positive points for their positive behavior. They earn negative points for negative behavior like talking at inappropriate times during class. Each week the students have the opportunity to use the points like money and purchase items at school, such as school supplies, snacks, music privileges. Every year in December, the school has a Christmas Point Store which allows students to buy gift items for themselves or for a family member as Christmas gifts.  The school even provides free gift wrapping.  The store is funded by the school, teachers and staff.

Principal Carol Taylor said, “I have been at the school for 15 years and it is such a blessing to see the excitement on the students faces when they get to shop at our point store.”

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