Tax collector: Payment deadline for 2016 expenses looms

Erath County Tax Assessor/Collector Jennifer Carey


ERATH COUNTY (December 30, 2016) – The deadline for one of life’s certainties is approaching. Property owners has just one month to pay off their property taxes before penalties ensue.

But, Tax Assessor/Collector Jennifer Carey said Friday some taxpayers will want to take advantage of a more immediate deadline. She said property owners have just days – through Tuesday, January 3 – to pay taxes and claim the expense on their 2016 income tax statements.

“Technically, December 31st is the deadline to pay your property taxes in order to claim them on your 2016 income tax,” Carey said. “Everybody still has until January 31st before the penalties begin, but many need the receipts to reflect the December 2016 date.” 

December 31 is a Saturday, and city and county offices will be closed on Monday in observance of the New Year holiday, bumping the 2016 filing payment deadline to the next business day.

To clear up any possible confusion, Carey explained that deadline for motor vehicle registration related issues will not change.

Meanwhile, The Flash is reminding readers that Carey’s office has a longstanding practice of working with taxpayers. While they cannot not make adjustments related to income tax deadline, anyone who has issues with the upcoming January 31 deadline should contact Carey to discuss the situation and make possible payment arrangements.

The tax office is located at 320 West College Street in Stephenville and can be reached by calling 254-968-8630.

The Dublin tax office is at 219 South Grafton Street and the telephone number is 254-445-4152.



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