Director of planning and building services resigns

Deputy City Administrator Jeremy Allen to serve as interim director

Noah Cullis


STEPHENVILLE (February 15, 2017) – After about 15 months at the helm of planning and development for the city of Stephenville, Noah Cullis resigned Tuesday. Cullis was hired to serve as the city’s director of planning and building services in November 2015.

Deputy City Administrator Jeremy Allen confirmed Cullis’ resignation on Wednesday morning, saying the resignation was effective immediately. He also said Cullis left the city on good terms.

“We wish Noah the best,” Allen said. “I don’t know about his future endeavors, but he helped the city of Stephenville through a tough time.”

That tough time included transition from the directorship of Betty Chew who served for as community development director from 1991 until 2014.

“Noah was a huge asset during that time,” Allen said.

Allen said a plan is already in place to ensure planning and building services operations business continues as usual and without disruption.

As a part of his deputy city administrator duties, Allen worked as Cullis’ supervisor interacting with him directly and on a regular basis. Allen said he has a good understand of the duties and will fill the vacancy on an interim basis until a replacement is found.

Meanwhile Jesus Coronado, parks superintendent, will serve as interim director of community services, a role typically held by Allen.

Planning and building services has seen a number of changes over the last year, but Allen said the department is fully staffed.

The city hired a new building inspector about a week ago, and Terry Adams brings years of industry experience to Stephenville, according to Allen. He said Adams, who previously worked in the Lubbock area, was hired to fill a vacancy left by Keith Austin a couple of months ago.

Robert Turk, who previously held the role, has returned to serve as the city’s chief building official following the recent resignation of Buck Kelly.

The Department of Planning and Building Services is an essential function of growth, development and works directly with area contractors working on new construction and improvement projects across the city. The department oversees planning, building safety and code compliance.

For information on city permitting procedures, which are handled by Turk, visit the city website. 


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