Dublin Council approves lease of two new patrol vehicles



DUBLIN (June 12, 2017) – The council swore in new members and the re-elected mayor before moving on to other business including hearing from Police Chief Bobby Mendez on the purchase of new patrol vehicles for the Dublin PD.

According to Mendez, the department doesn’t have a single vehicle under 100,000 miles and several are in need of major repairs. He told the council many of the vehicles are in need of repairs so badly that the cost of the repairs is more than the cost of a new patrol vehicle.

While he presented the council with a number of options, after some discussion, the newly sworn-in council approved the lease of two Dodge Chargers from Government Capital. Mendez said it would take a few months for the cars to be outfitted and the city would be expected to begin payments sometime in March or April of 2018.

In other business, the council approved Mayor David Leatherwood’s nomination of John Johnson as Mayor Pro-Tem. They also unanimously approved a motion to allow councilmembers to serve as volunteers on any city organization like the Dublin Volunteer Fire Department and many other organizations the members volunteer with.

Council members also approved changes to the employee policy to allow for temporary summer workers and to allow children of city council or city administration to work for the city of Dublin.


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