Mayes has praise for summer strength and conditioning athletes



The summer conditioning for high school athletes will soon be giving way to actual practice with August 1 being the first day volleyball players are reporting and football starting five days later.

“These kiddos killed it in workouts this week!” coach Kristi Mayes said. “I am so proud of them and their efforts.”


Football coach Greg Winder didn’t like the idea of his coaches standing around “drinking coffee” and not feeling like they were a part of the action either. Another factor was the cost to pay the company was coming from the athletes’ families.

The compromise was more a little more work during the summertime for coaches, and it’s been something to make everyone smile as Stephenville are looking fit and trim. Best yet smiles and challenges being thrown down when it comes to sprints and lifting weights.

“I want to brag on all of our girls who went through, or ‘survived’ our strength and conditioning workouts,” Mayes said. Their work ethic, competitive nature, and commitment to striving for excellence speak volumes as to why we have successful programs across the board. We are so blessed.”


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