Begay/Petska making most of roping together at National Finals Rodeo


Team roping header Derrick Begay and team roping heeler Cory Petska teamed this season with the intent of taking a nice, easy approach to the 2018 PRCA season.

Instead, the two found themselves in the thick of it and are now roping at the biggest rodeo in the world.


Begay and Petska stopped the clock in 4.0 seconds to win Round 3.

“It’s awesome,” Petska said about the win. “Anytime you can do good in one of the early rounds, it just kind of makes the rest of the week a little bit easier. Getting a win under our belt lets us breathe a little bit, not putting any real pressure on us and being like, ‘Let’s just go rope.’”

Not bad for a couple of guys who weren’t planning on trying to make the Finals, let alone winning rounds there.

“Derrick and I were both going to slow down,” Petska said. “Our goal this summer was to make enough rodeos to go to San Antonio this year. We were just going to go out for a month and go home. The month we went out we won $60,000, so we had to keep going.”

And they have. Begay is in sixth in the world standings in team roping heading with $121,068. Petska ranks fifth in the team roping heeling standings with $127,525. 

The pair have really synched.

“We’ve been roping together for a while, and I kind of know how his style is,” Begay said. “He’s one of the fastest heelers out here, so he gives me a chance to take an extra swing and set the run up.”

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