Early morning house fire in Dublin displaces three

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DUBLIN (January 29, 2019) – A family is recovering from a scary morning in Dublin. While they made it out safely, a fire completely destroyed their home early this morning.

According to Dublin Fire Marshal C.E. Malone, fire units were dispatched to the home on N. Camden Street and upon arrival, they found the home fully involved in the front of the structure.

From the reports, it appears the blaze may have started in the front of the home while the occupants were in the back. Malone reported, with the area too hot to investigate the cause, he would be returning later in the day in an attempt to find what sparked the fire.

“We do not know what caused the fire at this time,” Malone said. “With the weather being cold and different heating sources being used I would like to take the opportunity to remind people of the importance of smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.”

According to reports, three people lived in the home – an adult female and two children. Everyone made it out safely, but the home and everything in it was destroyed or damaged by smoke and water.

On Facebook, Paulette Cox, who has been identified as the adult living in the home with her two grandchildren, is asking for help from the community.

Her grandchildren are Telina who wears size 7 shoes, 14/16 pants and medium shirts and Justin who wears size 10 shoes, 16/18 boys pants and medium to large shirts.

The Flash will add to this story when more information is available.


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