Zachery’s proud of city council achievements as she declines to seek another term

Stephenville councilwoman Sherry Zachery has announced she will not seek another term.

I have decided not to seek re-election to another council term.
When I finish this term, I will have served for five years and will have completed much of what I set out to accomplish in my initial decision to serve.
I am proud of what the council has achieved for Stephenville in that time. Thanks to the wisdom of the voters last fall, we now have consecutive term limits for council members.


We have lowered taxes, spent more efficiently, and improved services. We have restored a responsive, open government that is economically focused and that strives to be business friendly.
One of the biggest achievements was in setting up a new tourism board. The upcoming “Moola Balloonfest” is a direct result of the creativity and innovation set loose by this action. And–finally–we are nearing a deal to sell Proctor water, offsetting some of the cost of that boondoggle which is a stark reminder of how Council decisions can affect taxpayers for years beyond individual council members’ tenures.
You will have choices for council in this upcoming election; choose with care, because it matters who represents you.
Serving on the council has been an extraordinary experience. I have learned so much and have had the opportunity to work with many fine people.
Most of all I am grateful to the citizens of our wonderful town.
To all my supporters, family, friends who have stood by me, and, especially to the voters who trusted me with their votes, I humbly say thank you; it was an honor to serve.

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