Letters to the Editor


Dear Stephenville ISD voters,

We are writing to introduce you to Phyllis Stewart, a long-time resident of Stephenville of whom we have the pleasure of knowing for many years as our neighbor and friend.  Phyllis will be running for School Board in the upcoming election and would like to be your advocate for a positive, fresh voice on the board.  If you desire dedication, commitment and a strong Conservative voice with traditional values, Phyllis Stewart is a wonderful candidate.

Our family has attended SHS from elementary through high school and has been extremely active in extracurricular activities for our school district.  We have seen the highs and lows of leadership and knowing how much Phyllis Stewart cares about our children both young and old, and our community as a whole, she will have our vote for a seat on the School Board.

Thank you for reading and please vote for Phyllis Stewart for School Board.
The Delaney Family

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