Three confirmed dead following Erath County flooding accident


Three people are confirmed dead including two children following a tragic flooding accident where a car is believed to have attempted to drive through a creek in Erath County early Wednesday morning.

Rescue workers from the Erath Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Somervell County Fire Department and other area departments combined their efforts in searching for a woman and two children after rescuing a man who saved himself by clinging to a tree.

The accident is reported to have occurred near County Road 335 and FM 1702.

The ground in Erath County was saturated by rain last nights with some reports showing up to 8-inches of rain falling in less than 10 hours. Turning creeks and low-water crossing into deadly areas.

The call for rescue came it at around 6:00 a.m. and four hours later workers found the body of an adult woman and a seven-year-old child.

Around 1 p.m. rescue workers found the body of a three-year-old child.

Previously a hovercraft was summoned from Somervell County and it was used to hold the vehicle in place while swift-water divers searched the vehicle which was apparently empty.

When towed away from the scene the car appeared to have heavy damage to its passenger side and no windows were visible.

The man who was rescued was taken by ambulance for medical care. Rescue workers are reported to be on their way to Dublin for a debriefing.

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