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Supporting our struggling American families in Stephenville, Texas.

Our nurturing city of Stephenville has often demonstrated that we can work together and be a stronger community by helping our neighborhood members who are struggling to meet the needs of their families. 

Recent statistics by the US Census Bureau and Data USA – Erath County demonstrate:

• Disabled persons under 65 (2018) 7.4%

• Persons without health insurance (2018) 23.4%

• Persons living in poverty (2018) 15.8%

• Persons on Medicaid (2017)12.4%

• Persons on Medicare (2017) 6.2%

• Median household income (2017) 47,013

What makes American great is our belief that we can make America better. Here are the ways that Stephenville has made life better for our struggling American families:

Grace Place – 365 W Tarleton || 254-965-4022 || Food, clothing, prescriptions, diapers

Stephenville Community Food Pantry – 334 W Green Street || 254-965-3187 || Food

The Pantry and More Inc. – 2345 Highway 67 || 254-968-0115 || Food, clothing and other needs

Come Eat, Inc Mobile Soup Kitchenwww.comeeat.com || 817-913-1235 || Food, clothing, hygiene products

H.O.P.E. Inc – 1617 East Washington || 254-965-2700 || Food, clothing, medical assistance

Basic Needs Ministry – 312 North Graham || 254965-4510 || Food

These are just a few of the social services available. I am proud to live in a community that comes together and cooperates to make lives better for all of our populations.

Laura Ainsworth

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  1. This is such great information. I am grateful to our neighbors who care enough to spend the time and money to care for everyone in our large community. We never know when we will need help.

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