IRS launches stimulus payment tracking tool


ERATH COUNTY – With stimulus payments on the way, many of us are anxiously waiting to see the check in the mail or the payment in our accounts. However, many reports are saying we could be waiting a while with payments coming as late as mid-May and others are reporting payments already on the way.

According to information received Wednesday morning, The Flash can verify some Erath County residents are already receiving their payments. 

Now, you don’t have to wait to know when you’ll get your money. The IRS has launched a new website allowing Americans to track the status of their economic stimulus checks! 

Taxpayers can check the status of their payment, confirm how you want to be paid (direct deposit or check via mail) and to enter their bank account information for deposit purposes at

If you don’t file taxes for whatever reason, but are still expecting a stimulus payment, there is also an IRS portal to provide you with information at

According to a release from the national Treasury Department, “more than 80 million Americans should expect to receive their payment in their bank accounts on Wednesday (April 15). A large majority of eligible American can expect the payment within the next two weeks of the first round of payments.”

The department began issuing the one-time stimulus payments this week. Most adults (those who earned up to $75,000 a year) will see a $1,200 payment and parents will get additional payments of $500 per child. How the payment comes is dependent upon how you’ve filed and received tax returns in the past. 


  1. Hi good morning I wanna ask why our first stimulus we have not receive yet, the $1,200 and then we have another $600 was given when we will receive our stimulus. Thank you. Happy New Year and God bless.rigth now am not working because I have injury before and right now am going to school.

  2. Phyllis P. Bradley i never received didn’t receive my first stimulus check or my second stimulus check could you please help me understand what’s going on .

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