Tarleton professors join forces to publish special issue of Langdon Review


STEPHENVILLE — Tarleton State University English professors Moumin Quazi and Marilyn Robitaille, co-editors of the Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, are partnering with Dr. Laurence Musgrove, an English professor at San Angelo State University and creator of the e-publication TejasCovido.com.

The three will publish a special-edition Volume 17 of the Langdon Review.

Langdon Review Tejascovido will feature selected works collected by Musgrove in response to the pandemic. The results are an array of creative pieces that tell stories of hope and grief, playfulness and sorrow, memories and plans.

Musgrove offered a call to Texas writers and artists: “In times of crisis, stress, confusion and an unpredictable future, we are well-acquainted with the power of words and images to help us focus our minds, calm our bodies, and strengthen our hearts for the comfort and benefit of others.”

Dr. Quazi, Dr. Robitaille and Musgrove will curate the collection and publish the print edition.

Musgrove’s books include Local Bird, a poetry collection; One Kind of Recording, a volume of aphorisms; and The Bluebonnet Sutras, Buddhist dialogues in verse.

He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon. He offers workshops on the Buddhist wisdom tradition, drawing-to-learn and the causes of beauty in poetry. He co-edited Texas Weather with Terry Dalrymple and is editing a volume of Writing Texas, the seventh annual conference proceedings of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers.

Quazi has been editing for 30 years. He authored a book of poetry and short stories, Migratory Words, and recently established Scheherazade Press, publishing the work of Dallas author and medical doctor Amanullah Khan. Quazi serves in multiple executive positions on the South Asian Literary Association, Conference of College Teachers of English, Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers, College English Association and Rotary International.

He has won numerous awards, including ones for Engaged Faculty and the A&M System Student Recognition Award. He has co-edited the Langdon Review for 12 years.

Robitaille is founding co-editor of the Langdon Review and managing editor of Tarleton’s popular journal Anthology: A Student Forum for Prose, Poetry, and the Visual Arts.

Her work has appeared in various anthologies, including Texas Weather, Writing Texas (as co-editor)and Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song. Her illustrated book of poetry, Not by Design: Fifty Poems and Images, has been featured in interactive poetry readings and gallery exhibits. As founder of Romar Press, an independent small press, she is working on a mass-market book, A Year of Perfect Dates.

The annual Langdon Review Weekend, a four-day festival long associated with the journal’s publication, held in early September at the Dora Lee Langdon Center in Granbury, has been postponed due to uncertainties related to covid-19.

Copies of Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, Vol. 17 Tejascovido will be available for purchase in August 2020 at www.tarleton.edu/langdonreview.

Langdon Review is sponsored by a generous grant from the Inge Foundation.


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