Director Bill Foster chooses Stephenville for movie scenes


June 20, 2020

Quail Whistle Production was shooting “Showdown on the Brazos”, a feature length western movie, and a segment of the movie was filmed in Stephenville on Saturday, June 20. 

“We chose Stephenville Museum House to film as a location due to not only the historic value of the museum, but the outpouring of courtesy from Dana Adams, the president of the Museum and Julie Smith, Stephenville Tourism Board,” said Bill Foster, director at Quail Whistle Production.

The movie “Showdown on the Brazos”, written by Stephenville resident, Bill Foster, is a story set in 1887, about two Texas Rangers. One Ranger is driven by duty while the other is driven by revenge. Both have one goal in mind, the capture of outlaw Nate Jones and his gang.

The segment being filmed at the Stephenville Museum House, will depict the Governor of Texas, John Ireland (played by Ron Blanton) in a meeting with Senator Gregg (played by Dewayne Hudson).

“I would like to thank Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Adams for their work and helping us secure the filming location and welcoming our crew to Stephenville,” Foster said.



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