Local fall sports, events to continue as scheduled


July 21, 2020

What has been speculated on since the beginning of the summer is now, for all intents and purposes, settled – your Stephenville Yellow Jackets, as well as the rest of the schools in the Flash coverage area will be starting fall sports as regularly scheduled while Class 6A and Class 5A  will have a delayed start of about five weeks.

The Texas UIL announced Tuesday, July 21, that Class 4A and below teams will begin two-a-days on August 3, as had been scheduled since last year. With the first games on August 10 for volleyball and August 27 for football. 5A and 6A will begin practices on September 7 and games on September 24-26. 

The hope is that smaller (and mostly metro) school districts will not be forced to wait on larger (and mostly urban) school districts that are still directly impacted by the Coronavirus. According to officials with the UIL, the thought process behind the change was this: by starting everyone as scheduled, some of those larger schools would be unable to participate due to restrictions in place due to COVID, but by delaying everyone’s start, smaller school districts would be at a disadvantage due to something happening at schools far away from them, that never effect them. Even with the larger schools on a delayed start, there will, inevitably be schools who still do not have a team in 2020, and the UIL is leaving how to handle COVID-related forfeits up to the individual districts. However, officials at the UIL hope, with the amended schedule, most schools will be able to participate in fall 2020 sports. 

While the UIL released all this information, it’s important to remember, nothing is set in stone and UIL can and might make even more changes as this situation continues. Here’s hoping we see each of you in the stands this fall!


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