Shirley “Sheridan” Massey Roberson


(January 11, 1922 – December 3, 2020)

She was born Sheridan Massey to parents Jewel and Grady Massey in Granbury, Texas. She died at her home in Stephenville, Texas, just like she wanted, with family members, including a dog, at her bedside. She had outlived her parents; all five siblings- Dorothy, Warren G., Charles, Budge, and Don; her husband Herman; oldest son Billy; a daughter-in-law Kim; and more friends than Donald Trump has Tweets. So, this is from those still living, we will refer to her as Mama. We will try to keep it short and give the details to Spielberg or Tarantino if they call.

Mama was four years old when she pulled her two-year-old brother, which she was babysitting, from a burning wagon full of cotton. Her parents were loading the wagon but were back in the field when the cotton ignited. Daddy smoked. She was not able to avoid joining her family in the fields a few years later to earn her keep by picking cotton. She continued with the babysitting and many other chores until she left for the big city of Fort Worth at 17, equipped with an 11th grade formal education, but soon to gain a PhD in life.

Mama learned from her first day in Fort Worth. Indoor plumbing was an eye-opening luxury she had never experienced. She decided to stay. She met her future husband, Herman Roberson, her best friend ever Morene, and Morene’s future husband Coleman Pugh. These four would be like Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethyl and not until death did they part. They made it through a World War, married, and had kids. They spent every New Years Eve together until only Mama was alive.

Mama and Daddy had four kids, and all turned out to be wonderful. Yes, we did. They spent from 1946 till 1971 in or near North Richland Hills, Texas. They had to move to Brownwood, Texas because their job of over 20 years moved. Daddy died in 1980 of Leukemia, so Mama built a house in Granbury on the land she inherited from her parents. She stayed there till 1992 clearing brush, fighting snakes, caring for her dogs, and working at the bakery or the school cafeteria. She bought her home in Stephenville, Texas in 1992, and that is where she lived until she died, except for some time in the Nursing Home. She loved that house and yard in Stephenville best of any other.

Mama learned to be independent by the age of four. She never gave up her independence. She waited until women got the right to vote to be born. She worked before she could write her name, she never intended to stop working. She bought a battery powered push lawnmower while in her nineties and mowed her back yard until a fall unrelated to her mowing ended that notion. She sacrificed for her family, always putting their needs first. She made everyone that walked into her home feel welcome. Boyfriends and girlfriends of her kids or grandkids would feel like family with the first visit. Some stayed connected with Mama long after the boyfriend or girlfriend label was removed. Friends would stop by for coffee and conversation. Be careful with the coffee because there would more than likely be a dog in your lap. Mama would always ask, after no more than a minute of your arrival, “can I get you something to eat?” She always had food either cooking, ready to cook, or cooked within the last few hours. The food was hard to turn down because she was a great cook. Every recipe was in her head, you had to take notes as she made it to get a recipe. But it was worth the trouble.

Mama was the glue that held this family together. She was our North Star. She was great at listening and giving wise advice. She never said you had to take the advice, and never any “I told you so” later. She would guide us but not steer us. Her family and friends visited often because it always felt like home. Her daughter, Lisa, was close by in Stephenville for most of the time Mama lived there. They were much help to each other.

Mama had character traits that were “off the charts” wonderful. She was always there for her family. Whether you were moving to a new residence, having a car repaired, getting a surgical procedure performed, going through a divorce, anything simple, anything complex Mama would be there to help. In other words, whenever life called… Mama would be there to help you answer. Thank you, Mama!

Mama is survived by her son, Gary Roberson of Granbury; daughters Robin Loree of Ellijay, Georgia;  and Lisa Roberson of Stephenville;  her grandchildren, Charlie (Joanna) Roberson of Rye, New York; Casey (Marisa) Roberson of Austin Texas;  Jared  Loree of Palm Beach Florida; Jenee Loree of Fort Lauderdale, Fl.; Great grandchildren, Abigail, Owen, Carson, Summer and Violet; daughter-in-law, Mary Golder Roberson of San Angelo; brother-in-law, Danny (Paula) Roberson of Fort Worth; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.    

The family would like to thank CCS Hospice for providing great care to Shirley while she was under hospice services.

In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations to Erath Co. Humane Society or any animal rescue group.

Because of Covid-19 concerns, no service will be held until a later date to be determined.

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