Tarleton, Ranger College Pact Brings Benefits for Transfer Students

Tarleton President James Hurley and Ranger College President William Campion seal the deal to provide annual scholarships to Ranger College students who transfer to Tarleton.

STEPHENVILLE — Tarleton State University and Ranger College have agreed to participate in a national prototype to boost educational opportunities for transfer students who graduate from two-year schools.

As part of its Distinguished College Partnership, Tarleton will provide annual scholarships, $500-$2,000, to Ranger College transfer students with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Awards will be divided between fall and spring semesters based on enrollment and will be renewable up to three years with satisfactory academic progress.

The visionary investment aligns with the 122-year dream of Tarleton’s founder to provide a high-quality university education to students who otherwise might not have the chance.

“John Tarleton dreamed of an institution of opportunity — a comprehensive regional university,” said President James Hurley. “It’s important that we continue to deepen our historic commitment to educational attainment and affordability. Many of the Ranger College students who transfer will be the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree. They’re forging a path for generations to come.”

One of the fastest growing community colleges in the nation, Ranger College serves more than 2,000 students at its dedicated campus in Eastland County and at learning centers in Brown and Erath counties.

“The Distinguished College Partnership between Ranger College and Tarleton means everything to present and future Ranger students,” said RC President William Campion. “Simply speaking, they have already selected their best possible university home.”

Degree-related pathways make it easy for Ranger students to transfer to Tarleton, saving dollars and class hours.

“Ranger College matters to us,” Dr. Hurley said. “Helping students in our own backyard is the right thing to do. They are destined to be our leaders, and we have a social and economic responsibility to invest in their future.”

Tarleton is developing similar agreements with other two-year colleges in the region, in concert with the President’s Transfer Guaranteed Award Program. T-GAP assures scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,500 per year for students admitted from two-year colleges. Award amounts are enhanced for students graduating from one of Tarleton’s Distinguished College Partners.

For more information on T-GAP, go to https://www.tarleton.edu/becomeatexan/Transfer-GAP.html.

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