Letters to the Editor


Now more than ever, no other form of government is more important than local, which includes our school district.  It significantly impacts our daily lives and is imperative to how well our children develop.  I have participated in local politics for many years.  During that time, I have assisted several candidates.  I do so in hopes of advancing accurate representation indicative of our community.  Every once in a while, someone rises up to accept the challenges at hand, that would absolutely be a mistake not to choose.  That candidate is Chad Elms.

Chad is a proven businessman, intelligent, efficient, and highly educated.  He embraces  core Stephenville values and is a man of substance.  He is sincere, focused, family oriented,  and a soldier for Christian principles.  He is innovative and an individual thinker.  Chad will be a champion for students, faculty and the community at large.  Most importantly, he will do so with unwavering courage and conviction, qualities somewhat foreign by today’s political standards.  Vote for Chad Elms.    

Keep the faith.
Rhett Harrison

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