Clarence Edgar Smith II


(October 20, 1976 – December 24, 2021)


Clarence Edgar Smith II, known by most as Charlie, by a select crowd as Jug, but by the most important as Daddy was born October 20th, 1976, in Brownwood Texas, to Jennetta & Jim Smith . On this beautiful Christmas Eve, at the age of 45 Clarence Edgar Smith II got his wings to be called home & revived his invitation to the greatest birthday party ever. Charlie grew up in Mullin, Texas always surrounded by family and friends. He was always the hardest worker even from an early age doing the jobs of full grown men, never complaining, just doing what had to be done. His life was Grit and Glory, a man with a story of endless talent and enough knowledge in his pinky to amount to the average man’s brain. Charlie finished his distinguished high school career with too many medals, ribbons and accolades to count but most importantly a character that most men triple his age couldn’t amount to. People describing Charlie always use the same words: Tough, Strong, Dependable, Loyal, Proud and most common Stubborn.

He was already a legend of a man when he married his soulmate, and love of his life, Remy, in 2001. Later that year, after the birth of their first child, Kyra, and with the second gift of life, little Charlie, on the way, Clarence received news that was a bigger issue than any of us could have ever imagined. A diagnosis of ALS but, sticking to his unwavering character there was still a job to do, nothing could hold him back or define him. He raised his babies with endless love, morals & values and a strength that is unfathomable to most. His love of his little family being his motivation and strength to carry on, never missing a game regardless of time conflicts or miles to travel. Many many happy miles were traveled by this proud daddy with his soulmate by his side every second of their 20 year parenting life adventure. His favorite place to be was wherever his children were.

Charlie is survived by his loving soul mate of 26 years, Remy; his two amazing children, Kyra and Lil’ Charlie; parents, Jim and Jennetta Smith; brother, Jimbo; cousin and best friend, Mike, several life brothers, numerous family members and many friends. Clarence was met in heaven by his grandparents and many family members, a brother-in-law, and some great old friends and teammates.

Service Information

Funeral services will be held at 4 p.m. on Thursday, December 30, at the Comanche Funeral Home Chapel.

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